Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Belly Cast

Happy Birthday Emerson Elise Rogers!


Lauren Meredith said...

OKay Girlfriend. I literally fried my computer (smoke was in the room and Jim told me to stay away) and stayed up this late because I love me some JYL and I want your blog to look pretty.. But, only for you would I do this.. Send your blog out to people tomorrow so you can show off your baby girl.. We can change the background tomorrow if you don't like it... TIRED but lovin you.. Call me tomorrow, after 10am..

Loves to the Rogers Family!

Amber said...

Hey Jyl! Your baby girl is absolutely precious! I can't wait for Cy to get to meet her.

Anonymous said...

I do love this blog spot! Keeps me so updated so I can see my little Emmy! She is so adorable, I love her little nose! I check back often to see more pics! Loving it!

Lauren Smart said...

She's so precious! I didn't even know you got this thing up and running! I don't know how to add blogs to my page but I'll figure it out and add you!